To Contribute pictures:

** Recently added support for multiple file formats: jpg,gif,png,...**
What you need:
1. You need to be able to get pictures onto your computer.
2. You need a graphics program (MS paint, adobe photoshop, gimp, whatever) that can open your pictures, shrink them, and save them as jpg, png, gif. (I prefer jpg for the small size, even though it's lossy.)
3. Text editor (notepad, word, ae, vi, emacs, whatever)
4. This guide :)

Creating the picture strip:
count # pics for each word.
create a blank strip length of strips*100
open a picture.
shrink to 100x100 pixels (make sure head is centered near the top, make sure the pictures are generally waist up).
copy it to the top of the blank strip.
repeat process except copy and paste the next picture below the previous one.

you should end up with a picture like this. example
Save the picture as a bmp or bitmap format.

now go to the directory which you want to add your picture to.
for example to add a new word to asl I go to:
in here you need to have two files:
surfcont.conf and swordcont.conf

To edit surfcont.conf
the number at the beginning is the number of picture strips currently in the database
add 1 to the top number. (to reflect adding your new picture strip)
the next line is the beginning of the database.
here's the format:
short_name_of_picturestrip(without_fileextension)    location_of_picturestrip
notes (note you put a * to mark the end of your notes section) *
xposition(usually 0)    yposition(usually 0)    xlength(usually 100)    yheight(usually 100)    numberofframes-1

here are two example files:
old_file    new_file

That's it. Here's a finished picture: picture
to see your changes, re-run the program and try out your new word.
Please send me any picture contributions along with the files you edited.

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