Windows Install Manual


To use ASLLA on windows. You need to get winzip or some other zip type program I recommend zipcentral because I have used it. You can get it at and in the search box enter zipcentral. For my windows computer I use zip_central, because it is free.

(old winzip instructions: because I used to use it.) -most zip programs will follow similar procedure
1. Double click on our program (where the X's represent a date).
2. Click the big extract icon.
3. You should get a nice screen that asks you where you want to extract to. For simplicity's sake let's
    extract to the desktop. (for me it's C:\WINDOWS\Desktop ) Make sure that all files is checked on
    the left. click on extract. (Make sure that there is no folder currently called sign on the desktop.)
4. Look for our folder (currently called sign) and click into it.
5. Double click either executable (currently called ASLLA-Dict.exe and ASLLA-Fspell.exe)

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