American Sign Language Learning Aid


Welcome to the ASLLA. This was originally one program. It has since become two separate programs:
ASLLA-Dictionary : This is an electronic dictionary. Use it to look up words in ASL and other languages.

ASLLA-Fingerspell : This program loads random words then finger spells them. Helping beginners get used to
       seeing fingerspelling.

Please note:To be fluent in sign language, actual conversational practice is necessary. So please don't expect to be able to speak sign-language just by studing ASLLA.

This program is built on Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) (located at and Paragui (located at These are cross platform libraries. This means the program should theoretically work anywhere Linux/unix/OSX, Windows, BeOs,and MacOs work.

These programs are licensed under the Gnu Public License (GPL) (located at ). Meaning that the program is free for you to use as you see fit. As long as you send all changes back to us (ASLLA), you don't make the software proprietary, and you give a copy of the source code and all of the accompanying documentation with it. This allows us to improve and maintain this software while providing it to you for free (sort of: GPL). Please note that all pictures were donated for use in these programs, unauthorized use of these pictures is not allowed. The programs are free to use, reuse, and modify. The content (pictures) are not. If you would like to use the pictures please contact me.

Currently the Dictionary data base is made up of:
asl-signwriting (for more info on sign writing )
(I would like to see British-SL, Canadian-SL or any other english based-SL added, but don't know of anyone who has this knowledge.)

We are currently looking for more volunteers:
1. to test and give feed back
2. take slow motion pictures of them doing signs and send it to us (along with the english version: see contribute page)
3. spread the word
4. more developers to help (especially those from the Mac community (for both classic and OSX))
5. Donations ($1 if you find it usefull) b/c the lead programmer is unemployed
send donations to:
PO Box 89
Glencoe, IL 60022-0089

aslla downloads page
Windows Install Directions
Contributing pictures to Dictionary page

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